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September 2014

Dr. Zhengming Chen Awarded Patent


Zhengming Chen, PhD, MPH, MS

Zhengming Chen, PhD, MPH, MS, a Research Biostatistician in the Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, was awarded a patent on August 26, 2014, titled Treatment of Restenosis and Stenosis with Dasatinib (Patent No.: US 8,815,260 B1). It proposes a method for treating artery obstructive disease, such as restenosis after angioplasty and stenting procedures, and stenosis after coronary artery bypass surgery. It is based on his article published in the journal Molecular Pharmacology on Jan 25, 2006. In that paper, he studied a new targeted anti-cancer drug called BMS-354825 (now called Dasatinib, the trade name is Sprycel). It was produced by Bristol-Myers Squibb to target certain types of cancer with BCR/Abl or Src over-expression. Dr. Chen’s study for the first time discovered that, in addition to tyrosine kinases BCR/Abl and Src, Dasatinib can potently inhibit another group of tyrosine kinase called Platelet-derived growth factor receptor (PDGFR). The findings were tested in the model cells for restenosis and stenosis, which often over-express PDGFR. The proposed method thus presents clinicians with a new opportunity to treat restenosis and stenosis using an existing anti-cancer drug for targeted therapy.


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