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June 2014

Dr. Jessica Ancker Publishes and Presents on Electronic Health Record Use
Jessica S. Ancker, MPH, PhD, Assistant Professor of Healthcare Policy and Research and Assistant Professor of Public Health in Pediatrics, is the lead author of three recent articles on aspects of electronic health record use:


  • Ancker JS, Kern LM, Edwards AM, Nosal S, Stein DM, Hauser D, Kaushal R. How is the electronic health record being used? Use of EHR data to assess physician-level variability in technology use. Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 2014 Jun 9 [Epub ahead of print]. This retrospective cohort study of primary care providers found that physicians, even those within the same practice, use their electronic health record systems differently. The authors conclude that physician-level usage of EHR features may be a valuable additional predictor in research on the effects of EHRs on healthcare quality and costs. The study was covered by FierceEMR,, and OpenMinds. In December 2014 the study was named an "Editor's Choice" article by the journal.
  • Ancker JS, Osorio SN, Cheriff A, Cole CL, Silver M, Kaushal R. Patient activation and use of an electronic patient portal. Informatics for Health and Social Care 2014 Apr 30. [Epub ahead of print]. The study's objective was to assess the relationship between patient knowledge, self-efficacy, and engagement (termed "patient activation") and outpatient use of a patient portal. Patients who chose to use an electronic patient portal were not found to be more highly activated than nonusers, although they were more educated and more likely to be Internet users.
  • Ancker JS, Silver M, Kaushal R. Rapid growth in use of personal health records. Journal of General Internal Medicine 2014; 29(6):850-854. This study found that the proportion of New York State residents using personal health records (PHRs) increased by more than 50% (from 11 to 17%) in advance of a federal incentive program requirement that healthcare organizations with EHRs must share electronic data with patients in order to receive their incentives.

Dr. Ancker also gave the following presentations at the AcademyHealth Annual Research Meeting in San Diego, June 10-12, 2014:

  • “Granular measures of EHR use and their association with healthcare quality” (podium talk)
  • “Public perceptions of electronic health records, 2010-13” (poster)
  • “Making patient portals more patient-friendly with hyperlinked explanations” (poster)


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