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June 2014

Dr. Rainu Kaushal Featured in AP Article on SHIN-NY
In a June 1, 2014 article by the Associated Press, Rainu Kaushal, MD, MPH, the Frances and John L. Loeb Professor of Medical Informatics and Chairman of the Department of Healthcare Policy and Research, discusses the studies she led in the Rochester area on the State Health Information Network for New York (SHIN-NY). Department faculty members Joshua R. Vest, PhD, MPH, Assistant Professor, and Lisa M. Kern, MD, MPH, Associate Professor, were also investigators on these studies. SHIN-NY is becoming one of the nation’s largest computer databases of medical records and will allow patients and doctors alike to see complete health histories in one place. The system promises to improve patient care and safety as well as save millions in costs by avoiding redundant tests and unneeded hospital admissions. “The value to society is also tremendous in avoiding unnecessary and redundant health care,” said Dr. Kaushal.

The Rochester SHIN-NY studies were conducted by the Health Information Technology Evaluation Collaborative (HITEC), which is led by Dr. Kaushal. The studies showed that when the comprehensive records of patients in the SHIN-NY system in the Rochester area were consulted, they were 30 percent less likely to be admitted to the hospital from the emergency room, 27 percent less likely to be subject to repeated radiological scans, and 55 percent less likely to readmitted to a hospital within 30 days.

The AP article, "New York medical database aids doctors, patients," has been posted on a variety of news outlets, including Yahoo! Finance,, and The Modesto Bee.

Read more about some of the specific Rochester SHIN-NY studies.


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