Department Activities in Qatar

Department faculty are excited to be involved in educational and research activities at the branch of the Medical College in Doha, in the Middle Eastern state of Qatar.

Dr. Madelon Finkel (center left, wearing black sweater), with medical students in Qatar
Dr. Madelon Finkel (center left, wearing black sweater) with medical students in Qatar

Department faculty regularly teach in Qatar, both in person and through teleconferencing, and participate in collaborative research projects.

The department has four primary and two secondary faculty members based in Doha, who lead and participate in research studies in the Middle East and in other parts of the world. Doha-based faculty also teach widely in the medical school and pre-medical school curriculum and successfully compete for funding from the Qatar National Research Fund. Laith J. Abu-Raddad, PhD, is Director of the Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Biomathematics Research Core at Weill Cornell Medical College in Qatar and the Principal Investigator of the Infectious Disease Epidemiology Group, which was selected by the Qatar National Research Fund as the “Best Research Team of the year 2013.” His current main research interests include studying the spread and prevention of sexually transmitted infections such as HIV/AIDS, HSV-2, and HPV in the Arab and Muslim worlds. The research interests of Ziyad Mahfoud, PhD, focus mainly tobacco and HIV/AIDS. The research of Ravinder Mamtani, MBBS, MD, MSc, who is also Associate Dean for Global and Public Health and Associate Dean for Admissions and Student Affairs, focuses on occupational health, nutrition and obesity, and complementary medicine. In consultation with Joseph J. Fins, MD, MACP, Pablo Rodríguez del Pozo, MD, PhD, JD, directs medical ethics education at the campus. Sheikh Mohammed Al-Thani, MBBChB, and Abdulbari Bener, PhD, Director of Medical Statistics & Epidemiology at the Hamad Medical Corporation, are the department’s secondary faculty members in Doha.

Major collaborative research projects include two current studies led by Drs. Ronald Crystal, MD, and Alvin I. Mushlin, MD, ScM, investigating the genetics of type II diabetes and its complications in Qataris. Dr. Bener and Hassan Ghomrawi, PhD, MPH, are among the co-investigators on these studies. Dr. Ghomrawi is also collaborating with Doha-based investigators on a grant studying metabolic syndrome and osteoarthritis. Linda Gerber, PhD, recently led a Qatar National Research Fund grant studying the health of midlife women. Her collaborators in Qatar were Mohamud Verjee, MBChB, WCMC/Q, Dr. Mamtani and Dr. Bener.


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