Among our current students, some excel in the computational aspects of informatics such as statistics, predictive analytics, natural language processing, or software development. Others specialize in the managerial, clinical, and sociotechnical aspects of health informatics. We welcome this diversity in our student population, and seek students who can understand both aspects of health informatics.

Quantitative reasoning: Every applicant must demonstrate strength in quantitative reasoning through excellent performance in undergraduate mathematics or statistics coursework, high scores on standardized tests, or both.

Computer Programming: All accepted students must be prepared to do some computer programming as part of their statistical and informatics methods courses. The strongest applicants have taken at least one undergraduate-level computer science or basic programming course and have some experience with a programming or scripting language such as R, Java, Python, or SAS. For those who have not taken relevant courses as an undergraduate, successful completion of high-quality online courses may be viewed favorably.

Healthcare or Biomedical Sciences: Previous coursework or work experience in clinical healthcare, biomedical sciences, or public health is viewed very favorably. We routinely welcome physicians, nurses, and other health professionals to our program.

Please Note: all accepted students who do not have previous experience with the R programming language will be required to complete a self-paced course on R during the summer before classes begin.

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