The Executive MBA/MS in Healthcare Leadership is designed for high-achieving professionals who aspire to leadership positions in the healthcare arena. The Weill Cornell Executive Program is designed to attract motivated working professionals who aspire to lead academic medical centers, community hospitals, and/or large-group multi-specialty and single-specialty practices; rise to the upper ranks of healthcare consultancy or the healthcare insurance business; or add to the growing ranks of talented healthcare innovators. This program will provide you with the skills necessary to lead healthcare organizations and implement new models of care.

The program duration is 20 months (with breaks), consisting of two semesters per year (fall and spring). Students complete 60 credits of coursework throughout the duration of the program, exploring topics that include healthcare, policy, leadership and strategy, and business. Each semester includes residential sessions designed for intensive, experiential learning. The fall sessions will be on Cornell University’s main campus in Ithaca, New York. The spring sessions will be held at a residential location in the New York City metropolitan area. The capstone project, consisting of small teams of students working with a faculty advisor, will integrate core academic knowledge as it applies to challenges in real-world settings. At the end of your studies, you will receive two degrees from Cornell University: an MBA from the Johnson School and an MS from Weill Cornell Graduate School of Medical Sciences.

Who Should Apply?

The Executive MBA/M.S. in Healthcare Leadership trains leaders of academic medical centers, community hospitals, large group multi-specialty and single-specialty practices, health insurers, healthcare consultants, pharmaceutical professionals, and healthcare innovators, among others, to provide them with the skills necessary to lead organizations that design and implement new models of care.

Candidates interested in the program must have a strong academic record with emphasis on quantitative skills. Candidates must also demonostrate experience and knowlegde that adds a unique perspective to the class and team environement.

Other qualifications include:

• Communication and teamwork skills

• Demonstrated career progression

• Healthcare area of expertise

• Ethical values in healthcare

• Experience and knowledge that adds a unique perspective to the class and team environment

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