HBDS TBD   Advanced Topics in Biostatistics

HPEC 5004   Applied Econometrics for Health Policy

HINF 5018   Data Management in Healthcare (SQL).

HBDS 5003   Biostatistics Lab in R

HBDS 5005   Biostatistics I

HBDS 5004   Biostatistics Lab in Stata

HBDS 5008   Biostatistics II — Regression Analysis

Capstone/Portfolio Final Project

HINF 5011   Clinical Informatics

HPEC 5005   Cost Effectiveness Analysis

HBDS 5014   Statistical Learning

HINF 5022   Environmental and Participatory Health Informatics

HBDS 5013   Foundations of Biomedical Applications

HPEC 5001   Foundations of Health Policy and Economics

HPEC 5002   Healthcare Organization and Delivery

HPEC 5003   Health Data for Research

HINF 5012   Health Data Mining

HINF 5020   Health Information Standards and Interoperability

HPEC 5007   Incentives in the U.S. Healthcare System

HBDS 5001   Introduction to Biostatistics

HINF 5001   Introduction to Health Informatics

HBDS 5002   Introduction to Health Services Research

HBDS 5002   Introduction to Operations Research in Health Policy

HINF 5014   Leading Healthcare Transformation

HPEC 5009   Operations Research

HINF 5004   Research Methods in Health Informatics

HBDS 5011   Statistical Programming with SAS

HBDS 5012   Study Design, Categorical, and Censored Data Analysis

HPEC 5006   Study Designs and Methods for Comparative Effectiveness Research

HPEC 5008   Survey Research Methods

User Interface Design, Prototyping, and Evaluation

HBDS 5009  Practicum on Biostatistical Consulting

A full listing of the courses in the Executive M.B.A./M.S. in Healthcare Leadership Program, including course descriptions, can be found on the Healthcare Leadership site. Executive M.B.A./M.S. in Healthcare Leadership Curriculum Guide. Course titles are listed below:

Biostatistics, Business Strategy, Capstone Course, Cost Accounting, Financial Accounting, Health Data, Health Informatics and Quality, Healthcare Leadership, Healthcare Policy and Economics, Incentives in the U.S. Healthcare System, Introduction to Health Services Research, Management Simulation, Managerial Finance, Managerial Operations, Managing and Leading Organizations, Marketing, Microeconomics