Research in the Department of Healthcare Policy & Research

The primary activity of the Department is research and evaluation that pushes forward the evidence base on the structure and delivery of healthcare to maximize value. Across the divisions, research and evaluation addresses questions of the effectiveness, cost-effectiveness, and comparative effectiveness of various health care interventions and delivery models.

The Department faculty conducts research to improve the delivery of health care in this country and around the world and collaborates with colleagues to develop and evaluate programs to improve healthcare.

Our current research agenda focuses on measuring and assuring quality of care and patient safety, the assessment of medical practices and technologies, cost containment and the best allocation of scarce health care resources, and rational planning for public health emergencies.

Projects also focus on analyzing outcomes and effectiveness of medical devices, analyzing the cost-effectiveness of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis C treatment, and investigating the benefits of disease screening and prevention.

The Laitman Clinical Scholars Program, funded by Nanette Laitman and the Medical College, supports clinical research in four areas: Prevention, Clinical Evaluation, Community Health, and Quality of Care Research.


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