Comparative Effectiveness and Outcomes Research

Substance Use Treatment Research

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Bruce Schackman, Ph.D., conducts research on cost-effectiveness and quality of life outcomes of substance use treatment. Dr. Schackman is the director of the NIDA-funded Center for Health Economics of Treatment Interventions for Substance Use Disorder, HCV, and HIV (CHERISH). CHERISH’s mission is to develop and disseminate health economic research on healthcare utilization, health outcomes, and health-related behaviors that informs substance use disorder treatment policy and HCV and HIV care of substance users. Dr. Schackman is also principal investigator of an R01 grant to conduct an economic evaluation alongside a NIDA-funded randomized trial that will determine the comparative effectiveness of two medications that can be prescribed in outpatient medical settings.

Dr. Schackman also studies the economic implications of integrating substance use and medical treatment. Current are evaluating the cost-effectiveness and budget impact of HIV and hepatitis C testing and linkage to care in substance use treatment settings and enhanced HIV and HCV care of substance users in New York City and San Juan Puerto Rico (see Infectious Diseases).


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