The International Consortium of Cardiovascular Registries’ (ICCR)


The International Consortium of Cardiovascular Registries’ (ICCR) is focused on two major initiatives: (1) Trans-catheter Valve Replacement Registry initiative (ICTVR) and (2) International Consortium of Vascular Registries (ICVR). These two initiatives provide a collaborative platform through which registries and other stakeholders around the world can start a dialog, discuss data/methodology issues and use aggregate level innovative analytic methods for conducting worldwide studies. An additional goal is to work with stakeholders, such as manufacturers and regulators, to improve their understanding of the safety and effectiveness of aortic valves and vascular devices that are designed to be implanted less invasively. In order to promote this collaborative platform, the ICTVR and ICVR initiatives are creating one of the largest networks in the world, one that includes registries and academic centers with the research and clinical capability needed to tackle even the biggest obstacles related to cardiovascular device surveillance. Several papers are in preparation outlining the vision and research for this project.


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