Objectives of MDEpiNet and the Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Program

Building from current activities discussed previously,

  • Advance the prestige of WCM and NYP as leaders in the nation and internationally as the center for excellence related to device and interventional outcomes research, with unique leadership in understanding device and clinician interactions and performance measurement.
  • Improve interventional care quality and safety within WCM and nationally via outcomes research related to devices and interventions throughout their life-cycle, from in-hospital to long-term.
  • Develop a conceptual framework for comparative effectiveness that examines relationships between and among interventionists, treatments, patient outcomes, and medical devices, resulting in the development of novel study designs and analytics and the application of these scientific advancements to decision making.
  • Assist in the development of new medical devices via leveraging our existing knowledge and relationship with the FDA as well as industry stakeholders within the Medical Device Epidemiology Network (MDEpiNet) Science and Infrastructure contracts and grants.
  • Mentor and advance academic careers of clinicians-interventionists through grant applications and peer reviewed publications.
  • Seek philanthropic contributions to ensure the sustainability and long-term security of the center.


  • Dr. Art Sedrakyan
    Department of Healthcare Policy & Research
    402 East 67th Street New York, NY 10065
    (646) 962-8072
  • Courtney Baird
    Department of Healthcare Policy & Research
    402 East 67th Street
    New York, NY 10065
    (646) 962-8099

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