The Department is involved in a number of training programs, in addition to those described in the Education section of this website. It helped shape the Medical College’s Masters degree in Clinical Investigation, run through the CTSC, and faculty teach both in its core curriculum and its elective courses. Faculty teach segments of required courses for medical students as well as electives, and also teach in a variety of additional graduate school programs.

Department faculty are involved in teaching a parallel medical college curriculum in Qatar, with some classes being televised there. Also, some faculty members are based full time in Qatar. The Office of International Medical Education coordinates international educational programs for student exchange and collaborative projects.

The Department of Healthcare Policy and Research also runs residency and fellowship programs in Public Health and General Preventive Medicine, Public Health Research, and Health Care Quality and Medical Informatics Research. Students in these programs are mentored by department faculty while obtaining a Masters degree in Clinical Investigation. Several divisions also sponsor postdoctoral and visiting fellows. Department faculty also teach residents and other health professionals in a variety of other venues, in the Medical College, the NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital, and affiliate hospitals.

The Department also sponsors regular Grand Rounds and Seminars about current research topics that are open to the public. Speakers include department members as well as invited guests. Most of these seminars provide CME credit.


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