Healthcare Research Fellowship

Fellowship in Public Health Research

For residents or fellows who already have funded research time, it may be possible to facilitate a one- or two-year healthcare research fellowship experience in our department. This can include coursework in a master’s level program for clinical investigation. Post-graduate training will be provided, including mentored research training, to physicians, PhDs or others holding terminal degrees interested in Healthcare Researchs/Health Services Research. This training will prepare individuals for an academic career either in the field of healthcare research and health services research or to incorporate these disciplines into their primary specialty or area of expertise.

Candidate qualifications:

1) Physicians who will complete or have completed an ACGME-accredited residency or fellowship program are eligible to apply. Candidates who wish to complete this training during a residency or a fellowship program must first obtain permission for a leave of absence from their program director, and

2) Candidates who have a PhD or other terminal degree are also encouraged to apply as post-doctoral fellows.

Additional Educational Goals and Resources:

  • Fellows can complete course work in the K30 Masters of Clinical Investigation program as is appropriate for their academic training and fellowship goals;
  • Submission for publication manuscripts based on mentored research projects. The specific number of projects will depend on the individual’s interests;
  • Submission of a grant application for future research;
  • Participation in regular (usually twice a month) Fellows Life In Progress (FLIP) sessions. These meetings will be a rotating opportunity for fellows to present their progress on research projects and to discuss general educational issues;
  • Fellows who are concurrently completing training in another program may continue with other clinical responsibilities as long as the hours are not so excessive as to make successful completion of this program unlikely;
  • If the Fellow is currently training in a clinical residency or fellowship, it is possible to complete this program as part of the research requirement while fulfilling limited clinical requirements, thus retaining salary and benefit funding from the primary training program.

If interested, please send a copy of your CV, a statement of interest, and two letters of recommendation (at least one from your program director) to:

Director, Healthcare Research Fellowship
Department of Healthcare Policy and Research
Weill Cornell Medical College
402 East 67th Street, Box 74
New York, New York 10065
Attn: Maritza Montalvo
(646) 962-8005


  • Chairman's Office
    402 East 67th Street
    New York, NY 10065
    (646) 962-9401
  • 425 East 61st Street
    New York, NY 10065
    (646) 962-9409

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